In 2009, a team of archaeologists from the University at Buffalo – SUNY and Northeastern State University at Magadan conducted the first year of a three-year archaeological and geological project near Nerpich'ye Lake on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula....

Xcoch and Puuc Archaeology Project

The Xcoch and Puuc Archaeology Project, directed by Dr. Ezra Zubrow, is an investigation dealing with climate change, and how civilizations in the Yucatan have adapted to it. The Classic Maya collapse, which occurred between 800 and 900 AD, is of par...

NSF Conference

On the 27th October 2011, we will hold a one day, high level workshop to discuss sustainability science and enhancing cooperation between NGOs and scientists to make this a more sustainable world. We are holding a small round table with world-renowne...

2013 Bundala Archaeological Survey, Hambantota District, Sri Lanka
The Big Thaw Conference: Policy, Governance and Climate Change in the Circumpolar North.

18-19 April 2013. SUNY Buffalo Law School, Buffalo New York Workshop on Sustainability Science: Enhancing Cooperation between Non-Governmental Organizations and Scientists. 27 October 2011, Washington D.C.

Paleoclimatic Reconstruction And Archaeological Investigation At Xcoch, Puuc Region Of Yucatan, Mexico: Exploratory Research Into Arctic Climate Change And Maya Culture Process
Exploratory Research Into Arctic Climate Change And Ancient Maya Respsonse: Paleoclimate Reconstruction And Archaeological Investigation At The Puuc Region Of Yucatan, Mexic
Yli-ii Archaeological Survey and Excavation Boreas Project Yli-ii Finland
Wemindji Old Factory Lake Excavation Boreas Project Wemindji Quebec
Yli-ii Archaeological Excavation Boreas Project Yli-ii Finland

The initial phases of NASBek form the basis for Roderick Salisbury's dissertation project. The goal is to clarify the differences and similarities in site structure among small settlements during the Late Neolithic and Early Copper Age in eastern Hun...

Fieldwork and Social Systems GIS Laboratory Project at Verberie, France

2002 saw the beginning of a long-term collaborative project with French archaeologist Francoise Audouze using data from the site of Verberie, France. Verberie is a late Upper Paleolithic Magdalenian site within the Paris Basin. It is one of many seas...

Geography of Canadian Literacy and Disability

Geography of Canadian Literacy and Disability: In the autumn of 2001 the University at Buffalo Social Systems GIS lab was granted funding from the Canadian Literacy Secretariat to work in conjunction with colleagues at York University and at the Cana...

Cluster In the Field (CLIF)

CLIF is the Anthropology GIS Laboratory's mobile supercomputing project. During 2002 work was begun on the design and construction of a prototype of a mobile solar powered supercomputer for field research. With this system we are hoping to narrow the...