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Specilizing in Geographic Information Systems and spatial statistics to examine prehistoric, historic and modern patterns of cultural landscape transformation.

Concerning a recent Breitbart article

The claim that our paper Pendea et al. (2017) published in the Quaternary Science Reviews brings support to the notion that anthropogenic global warming doesn’t exist is completely false. The story circulated by Breitbart news represents a gross misunderstanding of the data presented in our paper. The data we present constitutes a record of millennial-scale environmental change in the North Pacific that has no relevance to the discussion around the global warming trend observed during the last 150 years in a vast number of archives.

- Florin Pendea

Recent Projects


In 2009, a team of archaeologists from the University at Buffalo – SUNY and Northeastern State University at Magadan conducted the first year of a three-year archaeological and geological project near Nerpich'ye Lake on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula....

Xcoch and Puuc Archaeology Project

The Xcoch and Puuc Archaeology Project, directed by Dr. Ezra Zubrow, is an investigation dealing with climate change, and how civilizations in the Yucatan have adapted to it. The Classic Maya collapse, which occurred between 800 and 900 AD, is of par...

NSF Conference

On the 27th October 2011, we will hold a one day, high level workshop to discuss sustainability science and enhancing cooperation between NGOs and scientists to make this a more sustainable world. We are holding a small round table with world-renowne...

Recent Publications

The Magdalenian household: unraveling domesticity.

Zubrow, E., Audouze, F., & Enloe, J. G. (Eds.). (2010)

SUNY Press.

Stabilization points in carrying capacity: population growth and migrations.

Diachenko, A., & Zubrow, E. B. (2015)

Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, 17, 1-15.

A preliminary report on archaeological fieldwork in the Kamchatka Region of Russia.

Hulse, E. L., Keeler, D. M., Zubrow, E. B., Korosec, G. J., Ponkratova, I. Y., & Curtis, C. (2011)

Sibirica, 10(1), 48-74.