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Specilizing in Geographic Information Systems and spatial statistics to examine prehistoric, historic and modern patterns of cultural landscape transformation.

Concerning a recent Breitbart article

The claim that our paper Pendea et al. (2017) published in the Quaternary Science Reviews brings support to the notion that anthropogenic global warming doesn’t exist is completely false. The story circulated by Breitbart news represents a gross misunderstanding of the data presented in our paper. The data we present constitutes a record of millennial-scale environmental change in the North Pacific that has no relevance to the discussion around the global warming trend observed during the last 150 years in a vast number of archives.

- Florin Pendea

Recent Projects


The goal of the Baltic Basin Early Agricultural Frontiers Research Project(B.E.A.F.R.) is to examine the Affect of landscape scale forcing factors on interactions between contemporary Mesolithic (or Forest Neolithic) Cultures and agricultu...

Post-medieval Finnish Textiles

Post-medieval Finnish Textiles: A Trans-Atlantic Collaboration is the direct result of three years of trans-Atlantic collaboration, between Dr. Sanna Lipkin, a researcher at the University of Oulu, Finland, and Erika Ruhl, a PhD Candidate at the Stat...


The dissertation project, “Place, Practice, and Pathology in Medieval Iceland, A Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Human Skeletal Remains from the Church Cemetery at Haffjarðarey (ca. 1200-1556)” explores the complex relationship between human health...

Recent Publications

The Magdalenian household: unraveling domesticity.

Zubrow, E., Audouze, F., & Enloe, J. G. (Eds.). (2010)

SUNY Press.

Stabilization points in carrying capacity: population growth and migrations.

Diachenko, A., & Zubrow, E. B. (2015)

Journal of Neolithic Archaeology, 17, 1-15.

A preliminary report on archaeological fieldwork in the Kamchatka Region of Russia.

Hulse, E. L., Keeler, D. M., Zubrow, E. B., Korosec, G. J., Ponkratova, I. Y., & Curtis, C. (2011)

Sibirica, 10(1), 48-74.